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Koleksiyonerlerin en büyük problemlerinden biri de 12" kapaklarının kulaklarının yıpranması ve kopmasıdır. Bu soruna çözüm olabilecek pratik bir ürün ise, kopmuş kulaklar yerine yeni ve sağlam bir tanesini oluşturan "12" Cover Edge Repair Sheet'dir". Özellikler :240 gr/m2 kalın siyah karton üze..
89.00 TL
Antistatic Wet Wipes
Best Seller
Disposable version of antistatic cleaning solution.For cleaning the record before listeningShould be used immediately after opening the packagePlease refer to the instructions on the package..
99.00 TL
Every collector who values ​​his records wants to keep them as they were when he first bought them. Clean my Crate services provide the highest listening performance of records with high collectible value, which is of great importance to every collector.allows it to be cleaned. Leave this analo..
49.00 TL
For cleaning your records without leaving fingerprints. Made of flexible and breathable fabric.    2 pieces per package...
55.00 TL
Record Cleaning Cloth Record Cleaning Cloth
Best Seller
You can clean your records with this disposable cloth. Leaves no particles, dust and residues- Dimensions = 18x14 cm- Pack of 25 pieces- Made from polyester and cellulose combined with high-pressurized water..
79.00 TL
Record Cleaning Work Mat Record Cleaning Work Mat
-20 %
This specially designed EVA working mat forms a clean surface for your record's underside while you are performing cleaning procedures on your record.- 6 mm high-quality soft EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) surface- Forms from 5 pieces like a puzzle- Total dimensions 20cm x 15cm x 4 cm..
199.00 TL 249.00 TL
You can clean the dust and dirt on the records by washing them with record cleaning liquids. However, since the label on the record is made of paper raw material, it carries the risk of being adversely affected by these liquids.This product, which prevents the label from coming into contact wit..
429.00 TL
You can use these cool spacers to prevent your records from touching the surface after cleaning. It's a practical accessory when it comes to cleaning records in tight places. You can stack up as many records as you want while waiting for them to dry.- Keeps your record 15 mm above the surface- High-..
39.00 TL
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