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Mingo Stylus Counter Mingo Stylus Counter
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Keep track of the usage time of three individual stylus' with this one of a kind device. Designed and developed exclusively in the direction of vinyl and hi-fi enthusiasts' feedback. Identify your different stylus' with the identification card and keep them protected with Mingo Headshell Showcas..
579.00 TL
Record stabilizer with remote controlled lights.Key Features;Precisely calibrated to 280 grams3 hours of run timeMicro USB chargingCast aluminum bodyRemote controlYou can select 16 different light patterns...
329.00 TL
Mingo Signboard Lamp Mingo Signboard Lamp
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You can add a DJ twist to your personal listening space with the Signboard Lamp. With its two power sockets, you can use it on the wall or on the table. You can display the records that you are playing with the demountable record stand. Key Features; 37cm X 15cm (14.5 inches X 5.9 inches)Super ..
399.00 TL
Mingo Pilot Lamp (Long and Brass) Mingo Pilot Lamp (Long and Brass)
Mingo Audio Visuals presents the Pilot Lamp, a sleek designed device that adds pilot light to your old turntables. Machined from genuine brass, walnut, or aluminum to match your shiny record player.105 mm (4.13 inches) in total height, it's the perfect accessory for your high platter turntables lik..
236.00 TL
Mingo Audio Visuals presents the Pilot Lamp, a sleek designed device that adds pilot light to your old turntables. You can easily attach the Pilot Lamp to your system with its built-in suction disc. It has three super bright LEDs offered in white and daylight options. You can turn the lights on a..
219.00 TL
Turntables have low-level signals.  However, most audio units can only process  line-level signals. Between a turntable and another audio unit (a mixer, an amplifier,  or a recording unit),  the Mingo Phono Preamp acts as an intermediary,  equalize a turntable signal accordi..
449.00 TL
Mingo Head Shell Showcase | Vinyl Record Player Head shell Cartridge DeckDisplay and protect your head shells in style with this head shell deck made just for audiophiles. Made from birch and crystal clear plexiglass covers.- Stores two or three sets of head shells with mounted cartridges depending ..
130.00 TL
You can easily attach the Dust Cover Lamp to your turntable's dust cover with its specially located magnets. You can easily attach and detach it without harming the dust cover. It has a position sensor that activates the lamp when you open your dust cover and turns off when you close it. Useful att..
219.00 TL
Display your records in style with Mingo Expose! Handcrafted from yellow pine and have the demountable plexiglass record stand. Pinewood dock dimensions: 290mm X 90mmPlexiglass record stand dimensions : 250mm X 180mm Any artwork could be laser engraved on demand. Available in natural and lacq..
149.00 TL
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