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Plexiglass center adapter for 7" records with round bubble level.Designed to be easy to use.No logo.Made of durable, plexiglass.Round design spirit levels, unlike rod versions, it covers all angular slopes of the placed surface.Instead of turntable position calibration you can also use thi..
299.00 TL
2 pcs extra battery pack for stylus gauge force weight..
49.00 TL
The sound channels on the records are engraved spirally.The needle reads the plate by applying equal pressure to the right and left channels, the quality of the sound heard and the quality of one channel of the record by the needle.prevents corrosion. In physics, it's called centrifugal fo..
329.00 TL
Cartridge Alignment Protractor Cartridge Alignment Protractor
New -22 %
Protractor allows you to get the highest efficiency from the stylus by adjusting the needle cartridge position. It helps to eliminate tracking errors, especially in the inner grooves of the plate.Cartridge Alignment Protractor provides ease of alignment thanks to its mirrored structure. It helps you..
449.00 TL 575.00 TL
It is very important that we listen to our records with a correct needle pressure. If your arm weight is too high, the needle scraping may damage it.If the weight is less, this time the music quality will decrease,the bass level will decrease and your needle may skip.Stylus Force Gauge giv..
699.00 TL
Tonearm Damping Fluid Tonearm Damping Fluid
-10 %
Leverage, found on many turntables, is used to prevent the stylus from suddenly falling onto the record. When you bring the lever to the location of the sound track you want and lower the lever, the needle is slowly put into the sound channel. But even if your turntable is new, over time the le..
269.00 TL 300.00 TL
Turntable Calibration Set Turntable Calibration Set
New -10 %
Keeping your turntable in the correct settings will positively increase the sound quality you will get from the record. We have created a campaign where you can get three different calibration equipment together so that you can get the best performance from your records.Package ContentStylus Force G..
1,299.00 TL 1,450.00 TL
Turntable Cartridge Azimuth - VTA Detection Turntable Cartridge Azimuth - VTA Detection
-22 %
• Turntable Cartridge Azimuth It has simple and accurate calibration that makes it easy for you to read data. It also helps eliminate tracking errors, especially on the inner grooves of record. Turntable Cartridge Azimuth ensures proper kit alignment. It fits with any brand's regular 1/2" mounted ca..
449.00 TL 575.00 TL
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